Does your home get hotter than it should in the summertime, causing your utility bills to skyrocket? If so, now that spring is upon us, it is time to start taking steps to insulate your home so that it will be cooler in the summer. Following the simple steps below should get you well on your way to cutting the heat and your utility bills significantly.

First, check your attic. Hard to believe but some homes have no insulation in the attic space. Since the attic is the closest part of your home to the sun, all the heat from a hot summer day accumulates there first. If there is no insulation present, this heat will radiate throughout your entire home, driving up the temperature in every room of your house. If no installation is present, you must take care of this before summer gets here. Otherwise,your attic will be far too hot and you will likely put off this necessary step for another year, which means you’ll have to suffer from a warm home and higher heating bills for another year.

While the attic is most important when it comes to taking steps to insulate your home against the intense summer heat, windows are important as well. If your home uses windows that are several years old, it is likely they aren’t made of the most energy efficient materials. It’s a good idea to have a home improvement contractor help you out – ours did a great job and we even had them upgrade our bathroom and kitchen (thanks Bravo Resurfacing of Mesa AZ). If possible, you should have your windows replaced with something more current. New energy efficient windows will benefit your home in the summer and the winter. This is an expensive investment in the short-term, but over the long term it should pay off significantly.

However, if new windows are not in the budget, you still have a affordable option. You can invest in blackout curtains. Placing blackout curtains on every window will help block some of the heat coming in through the windows. Of course this solution isn’t as good as buying new windows, but it should help nonetheless. And it’s quite affordable.

No one likes a hot home in the summer nor do they like the expensive air-conditioning costs that goes along with it. The previous steps won’t solve every issue, but they will go a long ways towards reducing your utility bills and the temperature of your home.