I have found that one of the best ways to save money on heating and cooling bills is by insulating your home’s windows. Most people think that to do this you have to add insulation in the form of weather stripping.

Actually, you can do a good deal more by choosing appropriate window treatments. For winter months, hang thicker, dark drapes. Keep them open in the day to allow the sun in and naturally warm the room.

It also helps to make sure the windows are properly caulked. This is helpful for older windows. Make sure not to caulk the small openings at the base of aluminum frames. These are there to let rain and moisture out.

We met the owner of Storm Group Insulation at a recent trade show, and we got to talking about insulation techniques. He said one thing is to always be sure to fix any cracks, as these can impede the window’s effectiveness more than you might realize. And, it might seem like getting new windows is a huge expense. They often end up paying for themselves however. Think of them as a big but necessary investment in your home value and your family’s comfort.

Do what you can to keep your existing windows insulated. But always be willing to invest in new ones when the time does come.