I have old aluminum frame windows and when winter sets in, so does the cold. I really do not want to lose much of my heat from the inside and wind up spending more money on energy bills so I want to do what I can to insulate my windows.

Is regular weatherstripping a good idea? It is easy enough to find this at a home improvement or hardware store, but I find that the felt kind will peel away from the window frames.

One tip I heard about was to use bubble wrap to insulate the windows. This can work with any type of window not just aluminum framed windows. It sounds funny but since it is really cheap to try I might as well see if this will make a difference.

While I make use of this to insulate windows temporarily I will start shopping for a better make of window. Today’s window glass offers so much in the way of efficiency. It allows the sun light and UV rays to heat the inside up without letting the harmful rays hurt anyone or anything inside. I still feel I need more tips for window insulation temporarily, though. I guess I don’t have anything to lose.