My name is Rick and I’m a full time real estate agent with a passion for DIY home improvement.

When I bought my home, which is over 100 years old, the first thing I noticed come winter were the drafty windows. However, windows that are drafty are easy to fix. Of course, the most expensive way to fix drafty windows is to have new windows installed, but that’s not necessary if your windows are in good condition.
Some tips for window insulation include DIY options such as rolling up a towel and placing it at the foot of the door to prevent the draft from coming in. Of course, this option is not the most attractive. Instead, you can buy draft snakes that are specially designed for this purpose. Another DIY option is buying rubber weather sealing at a home and hardware store that come in strips. You simply stick these strips to the parts of your window that are drafty and seal in the air that’s coming in. If you want to spend a little more money, you can buy window insulation kits that include everything you need to fix drafty windows. Other tips that don’t necessarily involve the window itself is buying heavy drapes or cellular shades.

Finding Tips For Window Insulation Is A Good Idea At Least Once A Year

Finding tips for window insulation is a good idea at least once a year. When cold weather starts hitting most of the country, with long chilly nights filling the sky, many homeowners start shivering a little and wonder what they can do to keep what heat and warmth they have in their home.

Visiting a local home improvement store is a great idea. There are new products and ideas almost every year. Not all of them are that original or even that effective, but an annual chat with a store clerk or contractor working there is a good way to figure out if anything needs to be done to fix up your current windows as they are.

The Internet is of course another good place for finding tips for window insulation. Whether it be a regular home maintenance writer, a contractor forum, or DIY videos on YouTube, there is a wealth of knowledge online.

If you want an excuse to curl up in front of the television, then there are also shows and networks that can be good sources of tips for window insulation. HGTV leads an entire genre around home buying, building, renovation, maintenance, and upkeep.