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Tips for window insulation

Smart Tips for Window Insulation

I have found that one of the best ways to save money on heating and cooling bills is by insulating your home’s windows. Most people think that to do this you have to add insulation in the form of weather stripping.

Actually, you can do a good deal more by choosing appropriate window treatments. For winter months, hang thicker, dark drapes. Keep them open in the day to allow the sun in and naturally warm the room.

It also helps to make sure the windows are properly caulked. This is helpful for older windows. Make sure not to caulk the small openings at the base of aluminum frames. These are there to let rain and moisture out.

We met the owner of Storm Group Insulation at a recent trade show, and we got to talking about insulation techniques. He said one thing is to always be sure to fix any cracks, as these can impede the window’s effectiveness more than you might realize. And, it might seem like getting new windows is a huge expense. They often end up paying for themselves however. Think of them as a big but necessary investment in your home value and your family’s comfort.

Do what you can to keep your existing windows insulated. But always be willing to invest in new ones when the time does come.

Finding Tips For Window Insulation

My wife and I decided that our Christmas gift to each other would be new windows. We had been wanting them for a few years now and we decided that it was finally time to get them.

Neither my wife or myself had ever installed windows ourselves and we weren’t sure if we wanted to do it or have the professionals do it for us. We decided to learn a bit about the job and find some tips for window insulation. Luckily, we learned quite a bit online about the project, and got some helpful tips.

One of the best tips we got was to let the professionals do the job. While we could probably install the windows, it was not worth the hassle or the risks of breaking a window, not sealing it correctly, or any other thing that could go wrong.

In our search for tips for window insulation, we found a great company that we decided to hire. It turned out to be a great choice because they installed our windows, they looked great, and we got an amazing deal. I was glad we did our research and learned what we did about window insulation. Now we can seal up those drafts which make the house uncomfortable.

Best Way to Insulate Your Windows

I have old aluminum frame windows and when winter sets in, so does the cold. I really do not want to lose much of my heat from the inside and wind up spending more money on energy bills so I want to do what I can to insulate my windows.

Is regular weatherstripping a good idea? It is easy enough to find this at a home improvement or hardware store, but I find that the felt kind will peel away from the window frames.

One tip I heard about was to use bubble wrap to insulate the windows. This can work with any type of window not just aluminum framed windows. It sounds funny but since it is really cheap to try I might as well see if this will make a difference.

While I make use of this to insulate windows temporarily I will start shopping for a better make of window. Today’s window glass offers so much in the way of efficiency. It allows the sun light and UV rays to heat the inside up without letting the harmful rays hurt anyone or anything inside. I still feel I need more tips for window insulation temporarily, though. I guess I don’t have anything to lose.

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My name is Rick and I’m a full time real estate agent with a passion for DIY home improvement.

When I bought my home, which is over 100 years old, the first thing I noticed come winter were the drafty windows. However, windows that are drafty are easy to fix. Of course, the most expensive way to fix drafty windows is to have new windows installed, but that’s not necessary if your windows are in good condition.
Some tips for window insulation include DIY options such as rolling up a towel and placing it at the foot of the door to prevent the draft from coming in. Of course, this option is not the most attractive. Instead, you can buy draft snakes that are specially designed for this purpose. Another DIY option is buying rubber weather sealing at a home and hardware store that come in strips. You simply stick these strips to the parts of your window that are drafty and seal in the air that’s coming in. If you want to spend a little more money, you can buy window insulation kits that include everything you need to fix drafty windows. Other tips that don’t necessarily involve the window itself is buying heavy drapes or cellular shades.

Finding Tips For Window Insulation Is A Good Idea At Least Once A Year

Finding tips for window insulation is a good idea at least once a year. When cold weather starts hitting most of the country, with long chilly nights filling the sky, many homeowners start shivering a little and wonder what they can do to keep what heat and warmth they have in their home.

Visiting a local home improvement store is a great idea. There are new products and ideas almost every year. Not all of them are that original or even that effective, but an annual chat with a store clerk or contractor working there is a good way to figure out if anything needs to be done to fix up your current windows as they are.

The Internet is of course another good place for finding tips for window insulation. Whether it be a regular home maintenance writer, a contractor forum, or DIY videos on YouTube, there is a wealth of knowledge online.

If you want an excuse to curl up in front of the television, then there are also shows and networks that can be good sources of tips for window insulation. HGTV leads an entire genre around home buying, building, renovation, maintenance, and upkeep.